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Triangle Big Data One Member PLC (TBD), headquartered in Addis Ababa, is a data mining company specializing in crypto mining, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.
With a strategic focus on serving an international clientele, TBD caters to customers from the United States, China, Canada, European countries, and beyond. To facilitate its operations in Ethiopia, TBD will secure electricity resources and crypto mining sites through rental agreements with WIH and EAH.
Triangle Big Data One Member PLC wants to recruit employees in the following vacant Positions

Job Tiltle: Senior Accountant

Required Qualification, Experience and Skills
Educational Level: BA in Accounting/Finance from recognized University
Experience: At least 1 years of experience in finance and accounting

Skills and Attitudes
Applicants must have a good knowledge of Peach tree Accounting Software.
Must have a good practical experience on MS Office Applications.
Applicants should know how to extract data from CNET software system.
Applicants must have a good obedience skill and are willing to work alongside various team members.
Good oral and written communication skills.
Action oriented

Properly codes and records expenditure, service and sales income and any other related transactions in the books of accounts and post to Peach tree Accounting System.
Maintains debtors and creditors accounts in Peach tree & CNET with proper allocation of balances.
Makes reference and cross-reference of all source documents to the ledger account codes, keeps and updates journal voucher register books.
Extract datum/reports from the CNET software system.
Prepares monthly bank reconciliation.
Prepare financial statements and management report from the system.
Prepares monthly payroll with due consideration to deductions of applicable advances, loans, penalties and taxes; and due consideration for inputs like target incentive, duty allowance, overtime etc… and record into System.
Review and post/record monthly provision and amortization of prepayment related to annual leaves, severance.
Prepare terminal/final benefit for resigned or terminated staff according to human resource policy.

Fixed asset
Create and maintain fixed asset register for all existing and newly acquired Asset as fixed asset with full documentation and according to the rate and depreciation method set.
Reconcile at least once in year existence of Fixed assets per count against records.

How to Apply

Interested and Qualified applicants can apply through:-

Contact : 0973684949

Triangle Big Data One-Member PLC

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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