Purpose statement: Ensure proper management and control of materials stored at Repi site. Provides materials, equipment, and supplies by directing receiving, storing, controlling, keeping and inventory taking of materials that the company imports and sources locally and give ultimate service to internal and external customers and provide the required service on time and execute all activities by adhering to EHS protocols.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide directions and guidance to piece rate workers & forklift operators on receiving/dispatching supplies, managing warehouse and distribution operations, and using coordination to enforce the operational and warehouse policies and procedures.
  • Manage receiving and handling of all inputs to the company which Repi acquires for its manufacturing and other needs.
  • Plan, implement and monitor the proper implementation of daily receiving and dispatch schedule.
  • Coordinate and supervise storage space, offloading & stacking for the incoming shipment appropriately and drive loading/unloading activities.
  • Ensure appropriate warehouse storage space utilization is maintained considering type of item/materials, cube, floor load capacity, aisle space and accessibility.
  • Ensure that all stock transaction follow FIFO method (using stock tagging date of receipt and quantity).
  • Ensure the safeguarding of products, materials, facilities, Pallets and MHE by ensuring and continues inspection of security the warehouse and facility.
  • Make sure that cycle counts (perpetual inventory) are conducted at least once in a 2-week period to identify if there is a discrepancy and make sure reported immediately (To Tally system & Physical balance).
  • Ensure all warehouse documents like GRN, SIV, DO, Transfers are made properly and on time and ensure records are up to date including bin cards.
  • Ensure reconciliation of warehouse records and SAP with physical materials.
  • Provide Stock status report, and other reports periodically and up on request.
  • Ensure all Forklift Machines are functional all the time and free from physical, technical problem and are clean through strict follow up.
  • Ensure all operators handle each respective machine by using Pre-Vehicle Operational safety Checklist.
  • Maintained a SAFE ZONE to employees by ensuring all hazards are identified and removed.
  • Reported all accidents and incidents within the time frame.
  •  Assured a high level of housekeeping standard within the warehouse.

Job Requirements


  • BA Degree in any field of study with a minimum of two years relevant experience in FMCG.
  • Diploma/Level IV in any field of study with a minimum of four years relevant experience in FMCG.


  • ERP knowledge (SAP) is a plus
  • Basic computer skill
  • Analytical skill
  • Logical reasoning skill
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skill
  • Record Keeping and reporting skill
  • Problem solving skill.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates who meet the above requirements can submit their CV and cover letter through by specifying the position and JOB ID in the cover letter.


Please fill the Job application form using the below link.

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