Local Systems and Capacity Building Officer

FH Ethiopia is a non-governmental organization engaged in relief and development activities. At FH, we operate under a set of guiding principles we call the “The Heartbeat”. This includes our Values, Vision and Purpose, which serve as the explanation of who we are and how we work as organization. Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty. FH Ethiopia would like to invite potential internal and external candidates to apply for the following position: 

Positions:                                      Local Systems and Capacity Building Officer -(Internal/External)

Duty Station:                                Abergelle (Wag-Himra Zone, Amhara Region)

Duration of Contract:                 One-year contract, Renewable (with 60 workings days probation period)

Salary:                                           As per the salary scale of the organization

Closing date:                                January 7, 2024

Job Summary

The Local Systems and Capacity Building Officer is responsible for planning, implementing, monitoring and reporting on community capacity building efforts of the PReSERVE Project. He/she will provide the overall support for training and communication to participating communities and community institutions in collaboration with the project team, woreda government and other stakeholders. 

Principal Responsibilities

Key Competency area #1: Design, planning, implementation and monitoring roles:

  1. With a support from the Project Manager and other officers identify communities and CBOs with which PReSERVE will work based on clear criteria of selection and assessment findings to be developed and agreed upon;
  2. Identify capacity gaps, prepare training manuals in consultation with Partnership and Capacity Building Advisor and who collaborates with PReSERVE Management and Regional Health and Education Coordinator for the training manual development
  3. Intensively engage in community behavioral transformation to own their development efforts demonstrated in multi-faceted capital development dimensions (Human Capital, Social Capital, Financial Capital, Natural Capital, Physical Capital and Political Capital) starting from community vision development and endorsement;
  4. Clearly understand and build Absorptive, Adaptive and Transformative capacities of the selected communities during the project phase  
  5. Support CBOs in the identified communities to actively coordinate within themselves and other stakeholders including the government and other development actors  
  6. Coach, mentor CBOs and communities not only to ensure smooth functioning of the institutions and communities but also to ascertain incremental and gradual transformation through enhanced engagement of all actors;
  7. Actively engage in annual Pipeline Resource Estimate Proposal (PREP) preparation pertaining to his/her responsibility area/Sector

Key Competency area #2: Coordination and Collaboration roles:

  1. Collaborate with other sector leads within FH to ensure integration of Gender and Youth, Agriculture and Livelihood and Health and Nutrition activities in accordance to the PSNP 5 design and PIM provisions;
  2. Work closely with the project team, woreda government stakeholders and other development actors to ensure resources raised from and coming to the communities are coordinated and intended to improve capacities of the CBOs and communities;
  3. Organize or participate in periodic coordination meetings at the worda level
  4. Coordinate with woreda EW desk and project NRM Officer to ensure proper use of allocated PReSERVE allocated ‘Community Food Contingency Reserve’;
  5. Coordinate with Sector experts to design necessary tools for the CBOs;
  6. Work with other project units to ensure donor and organizational compliance.

Key Competency area #3: Reporting and Documentation

  1. Provide a work plan and quality progress reports to field coordinator on bi-weekly and monthly basis.
  2.  Provide weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the implementation progress of the capacity building sub-sector for the CBOs and identified communities;
  3. Prepare/ensure for each meeting conducted with the CBOs is minuted and documented to facilitate smooth monitoring and technical backup;

Key Competency area #4: Data sharing adherence to organizational policies 

  1. The Local Systems and Capacity Building Officer will seek the permission of the Project manager before sharing project data with any other organization or individual outside of FH unless that data is already publicly available.
  2. The Local Systems and Capacity Building Officer is responsible for ensuring that he/she internalizes and abides by the various organizational policies (IT, Purchase, HR, Safeguarding, Child protection, etc)

Key Competency area #5: Problem solving and conflict resolution 

  1. The Local Systems and Capacity Building Officer will be responsible for identifying and helping to resolve problems and conflicts that may arise in relation to the project. In circumstances that she/he is unable to resolve a problem or conflict s/he will promptly share the issue with the Project Manager
  2. The Local Systems and Capacity Building Officer will ensure that any complaints or concerns raised by CBOs and communities are brought to the attention of the Project Manager and Partnership and Capacity Building Advisor and adequately addressed.

Key Competency area #6: Financial management

  1. Follow up and enforce stewardship by ensuring efficient and effective utilization of allocated budget for the intended purpose; 

        2. Ensure effective management of budget according to approved work and procurement plans;   

Safeguarding Policy

FH strives to provide an environment free from sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment in all places where relief and development programs are implemented. FH holds a zero-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment. FH expects its employees to maintain high ethical standards, protect organizational integrity and reputation, and ensure that FH work is carried out in honest and fair methods, in alignment with the FH Heartbeat and safeguarding and associated policies. Violations to stated policies will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.

Gender Responsibility

⮚       Provide adequate time to staff to participate in gender and other capacity-building workshops.

⮚       Through observation, interviews, and spot-checks, ensure that the staff planning process is gender-sensitive.

⮚       Build a better gender balance in staffing through affirmative action.

⮚       Observe if women staff are as involved as men in high-profile activities such as interaction with visitors and chairing meetings, and take corrective action if warranted.

⮚       Encourage female staff to participate in external networks (local and regional), as well as seminars and cross visits.

⮚       Facilitate open and regular discussions with staff about the work environment, policies, and values convenient to gender issues

Safety & Security Responsibility

➢       Encourages compliance of Safety and Security principles and policies of the organization by all staff;

⮚       Visiting operational areas periodically to meet staff and making sure that all staff members are aware of the safety and security procedures;

⮚       Explains to staffs the reasoning behind the organization’s safety and security policies and procedures

⮚       Organizing local training sessions, such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and Defensive Driving for staff members.  If possible, he/she should conduct briefing and training sessions himself/herself;

⮚       Ensures that safety and security objectives are added to performance reviews and evaluations of all staff members;

⮚       Encourages staff to adopt safe and secure practices. Ensuring that updated personnel information related to safety (Record of Emergency Data) and security management are kept in Human resources. 

Job Requirements

Job Level Specifications

⮚       Full agreement with FH’s Christian foundation and beliefs as expressed in The Heartbeat: our Values, Vision, and Purpose.

⮚       Strong interpersonal skills,

⮚       Emotional maturity,

⮚       Cross-cultural Sensitivity,

⮚       Ability to work effectively under pressure

⮚       High level of commitment to work;

⮚       Sound character, honest, trustworthy, hardworking and dependable;

⮚       Good communication skills and a teachable spirit.


⮚       Three years of relevant work experience for.


⮚       Bachelor Degree in Sociology, Social work Community Development or in any relevant field of study;

Distinguishing Competencies

⮚       Strong computer skills and knowledge in the area of MS word, MS Excel, MS Access, PowerPoint, and email communication.

⮚       High level of initiative-taking.

⮚       Training on gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, community dialogue facilitation skills is an added advantage


⮚       Proficiency in both spoken and written English. Ability to write reports and business correspondence. Knowledge of the local language of the intervention area is preferred.

How to Apply

Women Candidates are highly encouraged to apply

Competent candidates can submit ONLY their application and CV to: recruitment_fhe@fh.org

Candidates MUST refer the position title “Local Systems and Capacity Building Officer” on the subject line of their email and applications.

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