Kifiya Financial Technologies

Kifiya Financial Technologies wants to recruit employees in the following vacant Positions

Job Title 1 : TLF Manager

Required Qualification, Experience and Skills
Education:A bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance, economics, or a related field.
Additional certifications such as Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) may be advantageous.
Experience:A minimum of 7 years of experience in liquidity management, treasury operations, or a similar role within the financial industry, preferably with exposure to digital lending programs.
Experience with uncollateralized lending or alternative lending models is highly desirable.
work Place: Addis Ababa
Deadline: January 31/2024

Strong understanding of liquidity management principles, cash flow forecasting techniques, and risk management concepts.
Familiarity with digital lending platforms and their associated liquidity dynamics.
Proficient in analyzing financial data, identifying trends, & making data-driven decisions
Ability to develop and maintain financial models for cash flow forecasting and liquidity stress testing.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to present financial information to diverse audiences, including senior management and external stakeholders.
Strong negotiation and influencing skills.
Familiarity with financial and data management systems, as well as proficiency in spreadsheet and financial modeling software.
Understanding of digital lending platforms and related technologies is advantageous.
Up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements relevant to uncollateralized lending, digital lending, and liquidity management in the applicable jurisdiction

Duties and Responsibilities:
Take charge of the liquidity management function for the uncollateralized digital lending program.
Develop and implement strategies to optimize liquidity and ensure sufficient funds are available to meet lending demands.
Develop accurate cash flow forecasting models to project the program’s liquidity needs and ensure appropriate funding arrangements are in place.
Design and execute a funding strategy for the program, considering factors such as cost, risk, and availability of funding sources.
Identify and establish relationships with potential funding partners, including banks, institutional investors, and other financial institutions.
Conduct ongoing risk assessments related to liquidity management, considering factors such as borrower repayment patterns, market conditions, and regulatory requirements.
Implement risk mitigation strategies and controls accordingly.
Ensure compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines governing the uncollateralized digital lending program, including liquidity and capital adequacy requirements.
Stay informed about regulatory changes that may impact the program’s liquidity management activities.
Establish and maintain relationships with external stakeholders, such as funding partners, to ensure access to funding sources and negotiate favorable terms.
Collaborate with internal teams, including credit risk management and finance, to align liquidity management activities with overall program objectives.
Prepare regular reports on liquidity positions, cash flow projections, and relevant financial metrics for senior management and external stakeholders.
Conduct analysis to identify trends, risks, and opportunities for improvement in liquidity management.
Continuously evaluate and enhance liquidity management processes, systems, and controls to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
Identify opportunities for automation or technology adoption to streamline liquidity management activities.
Perform other tasks assigned by immediate supervisor.

How to Apply

Interested Applicants should submit a well-prepared and updated CV along with an application letter stating the position; No additional document is required at this stage.

Applications should be mailed to and should state the position on the subject of the email.


All offers and placements are subject to funding confirmation