Kerchanshe Trading Company

Kerchanshe Trading Company wants to recruit employees in the following vacant Position

Job Title 1: Agriculture Supervisor

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education BSc or MSc Agricultural Engineering or Horticulture or Plant science or Agronomy or related field of studies.
Experience 6 years for BSc or 4 years for MSc
Work place: Gelana Farm Debeka Farm, Oromia

Supervise a wide range of farm operations including cultivation, sowing, spraying, and harvesting,
Ensures deadlines are met for activities,
Confers with managers to coordinate activities with other farm units,
Organizes transportation for raw material & harvested crops,
Inspect farm buildings and equipment, ensuring routine maintenance is carried out and repairs are made when necessary,
Installation, maintenance, and regular monitoring of irrigation system,
Ensure and enforce compliance with government regulations and health and safety standards,
Trains workers in methods of field work and safety regulations, and briefs them on identifying characteristic of insects and diseases,
Inspects crops and fields to determine maturity, yield, infestation, or work requirements, such as cultivating, spraying, weeding, or harvesting.
Performs other duties assigned by the immediate supervisor
Application Deadline :Feb27, 2024

Job Title2: Coffee Washing Station Head

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education BA or MA in Business Management, Business administration or related fields.
Experience 5 years for BA or 3 years for MA
Work place: in different’s Kerchanshe Coffee Washing Station

Coordinates and manages the sourcing of green coffee beans and other raw materials required for coffee production.
Builds relationships with new and existing green coffee suppliers and seeks out sources of high-quality and beans ensuring timely and reliable delivery.
Implements effective planning and sourcing systems for green coffee and raw materials.
Collaborates with cross-functional teams to identify system requirements, evaluates potential solutions, and manages the implementation process.
Monitors and controls inventory levels to prevent stockouts or excessive inventory. Implements inventory management strategies, including forecasting, safety stock, and replenishments processes, to optimize inventory levels.
Works closely with the quality improvement teams to ensure that all incoming green coffee beans meet the corporate’s quality standards.
Application Deadline :Feb20, 2024

How to Apply

Applicants who fulfill the above-mentioned criteria could submit detailed curriculum vitae along with supporting documents/credentials accompanied by cover letter addressing or by our website write the position