HeyMarketing Solutions

HeyMarketing Solutions wants to recruit employees in the following vacant Position.

Job Title 1 :Senior Digital Marketer

Required Qualification, Experience and Skill

B. A in preferably Marketing Management
At least 1-year direct experience in a digital marketing position.
Experience in planning and development of digital marketing strategy.
Experience in implementing digital marketing activities.
Experience in taking roles for digital marketing and working in teams in a collaborative and consultative manner.
Excellent presentation skills.
Excellent interpersonal and team leadership skills–demonstrated ability to interact professionally with culturally and linguistically diverse staff.
Ability to work independently, manage multiple tasks concurrently, and meet deadlines in a timely way with attention to detail and quality.
Excellent English written and oral communication, as well as basic computer skills.
work place:Addis Ababa,

Key responsibilities are: –
The digital marketer should attend brainstorming sessions along with creative marketing manager to provide inputs and come up with a digital marketing strategy.
The digital marketer should come up with digital marketing concepts that align with the sectors that the company will be having as clients.
The digital marketer should develop a digital marketing implementation document with a standard format after aligning with the creative and graphic design team
The digital marketer should develop a campaign strategy document with a standard format after aligning with the creative and graphic design team
The digital marketer should create and implement a content strategy to ensure required objectives are met
The digital marketer should develop content calendars based on the strategy document
The digital marketer should manage social media of clients and have a thorough follow-up
The digital marketer should implement and follow up campaigns
The digital marketer should create the appropriate engagements for social medias
The digital marketer is responsible for copywriting for social media accounts (Textual contents, Captions, Email marketing, etc…)
The digital marketer should follow up accounts and draft analysis reports every month
The digital marketer should communicate with creative team to come up with marketing strategies and understand concepts requested by clients
The digital marketer should communicate with graphics design team to see if concepts are appropriately translated to visual elements
The digital marketer should be available in the chosen communication channels
The qualities we are looking for are
Creative content development (multiple language use)
Effective benchmarking and research capability
Fantastic time Management
Efficiency in communication
Effective technology Tool use
Growth Mindset

Key Performance Indicator Focus Areas
Growth in engagement and follower ship of managed digital platforms (including HEY)
On time content delivery
Monthly digital platform analysis report
Quality and diversity of content (reduced number of back-and-forth communications with account executive team and clients)
New design knowledge, tool, feature or skill acquired monthly.
New original content concept developed which can be presented to clients.
Efficiency of working with account executive team and graphic design team
Direct working link with Creative marketing manager, Senior Account Executive
Reports to Creative Marketing Manager

Application Deadline: January 13/2024

How to Apply
Interested applicants can apply using bethelhemabebe@heytrading.net