Ethiopian Muslims’ Relief and Development Association (EMRDA)

Ethiopian Muslims’ Relief and Development Association (EMRDA) wants to recruit employees in the following vacant Position

Job Title 1: CESA/SBCC officer and GYSI officer

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education Minimum BSC degree in gender studies or related social science preferably with background in public health or health-related fields or Diploma with more than 2 years related work experience
Experience in NGO working environment will be an asset
Work place: Semera, Afar

Program Planning and Development Collaborating with program managers and stakeholders to ensure that reproductive health programs are designed to be inclusive and responsive to the needs of diverse populations, particularly women, youth, and marginalized communities. This may involve conducting gender and social inclusion analyses, identifying gaps, and developing strategies to address them.
Policy and Advocacy: Advocating for policies and programs that promote gender equality, youth empowerment, and social inclusion in reproductive health. This may involve engaging with government agencies, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to influence policy dialogue, shape programmatic approaches, and advocate for the rights and needs of marginalized groups.
Capacity Building and Training Providing training and capacity-building initiatives to program staff, healthcare providers, and community workers on gender-responsive and socially inclusive approaches in reproductive health. This may include sensitizing them to gender and social barriers, promoting cultural competency, and enhancing their ability to provide inclusive, non-discriminatory services.
Community Engagement and Mobilization Facilitating community-level engagement and mobilization activities to raise awareness, challenge social norms, and promote positive attitudes towards reproductive health, gender equality, and youth empowerment. This may involve organizing community dialogues, supporting community-led initiatives, and fostering partnerships with community-based organizations.
Application Deadline : Feb28, 2024

Job Title2: CESA / SBCC and GYSI Officer

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education Minimum BSC degree in Public Health, social sciences, psychology and sociology or Diploma with more than 2 years related work experience
Experience in NGO working environment will be an asset
Work place: South OMO, Jinka

Planning and Strategy You will be responsible for developing SBCC and community engagement strategies aligned with the program’s goals and objectives. This involves assessing the target audience, identifying key behavioral barriers, and designing interventions to address them effectively.
Communication Campaigns You will develop and implement communication campaigns to promote health-related behaviors and practices. This may involve creating messages, materials, and media campaigns tailored to the community’s culture, language, and literacy levels. You will also collaborate with creative teams and media partners to ensure effective dissemination of information.
Behavior Change Intervention You will design and implement behavior change interventions using evidence-based approaches. This may include conducting formative research, developing behavior change models, and implementing interventions such as workshops, training sessions, or community events to promote positive health behaviors.
Community Mobilization You will engage with community members, leaders, and stakeholders to foster community ownership and participation in health promotion activities. This involves building relationships, establishing partnerships, and organizing community meetings to gather input, address concerns, and promote collaborative decision-making.
Application Deadline : Feb27, 2024

How to Apply

Interested applicants can submit their application credentials including CV and relevant documents for 7 days starting from 20/02/2024 through mail to the following address: EMRDA, P.O.Box 7515, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Email: Tel No. 0113-48-24-63 or 0921019298