Cropsave Trading

Cropsave Trading wants to recruit employees in the following vacant Position

Job Title1 : Fish and Poultry Production Expert

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education BA/MBA degree in Fish and Poultry sector
More than two years of experience in related position.
numerical ability, for calculating feeding regimes and for invoicing purposes
understanding of data privacy standards; solid communication skills, both written and verbal; organizational skills; planning skills; analytical skills; critical thinking skills; problem-solving skills; computer skills; multi-tasking abilities; integrity, honesty.
Work place: Mirab Abaya (korga)

monitor the health of the fish and treat them when appropriate
plan breeding programmes and grow schedules to obtain maximum efficiency
adhere to environmental standards
calculate the feeding regime
understand legislation and how to implement this into practical application
ensure the water supply is of a sufficient quality for the stock
be aware of different water management techniques
adapt to new technologies as they develop and learn practical skills
Application Deadline :Feb23, 2024

Job Title2: Planner

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education BA/MBA Degree on Economics.
Two years and above experience on Planner position.

Creating a production schedule;
Estimating the budget, cost and quantity of materials, human labour and other tools necessary for the completion of the project;
Streamlining processes so that production can meet deadlines;
Communicating with other departments regarding production schedules and any possible changes;
Applying their knowledge of maths and statistics to real-world scenarios

Analytical and logical skills;
Business management abilities;
Good communication and delegation skills;
Being motivated and good at motivating others;
Being a multi tasker;
Being proficient with computer software related to planning responsibilities;
Strong budgeting skills and commercial awareness.

Job Title3: Marketing Officer / Agricultural marketing Officer

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education BSc Degree on Marketing/ Agricultural Marketing.
Two years and above experience on Marketing officer position.

Contribute in the implementation of marketing strategies
Organize and attend marketing activities or events to raise brand awareness
Plan advertising and promotional campaigns for products or services on a variety of media (social, print etc.)
Liaise with stakeholders and vendors to promote success of activities and enhance the company’s presence
See all ventures through to completion and evaluate their success using various metrics
Prepare content for the publication of marketing material and oversee distribution
Conduct market research to identify opportunities for promotion and growth
Collaborate with managers in preparing budgets and monitoring expenses

Solid knowledge of marketing techniques and principles
Good understanding of market research techniques, statistical and data analysis methods
Excellent knowledge of MS Office and marketing software (e.g. CRM)
Thorough understanding of social media and web analytics
Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills
Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities
Creativity and commercial awareness
A team player with a customer-oriented approach
Work place : Addis Ababa
Application Deadline :Feb21, 2024

How to Apply
Interested and Qualified applicants can apply through:
Phone number: 0930026130 /0114701455
Head Office: Addis Ababa, Beklobet, Near to Global Hotel