Avenir Technologies plc (ChipChip)

Avenir Technologies plc (ChipChip) wants to recruit employees in the following vacant Position

Job Title1: Operations Manager

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education Bachelor’s degree in Business, Operations Management, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
3+ years of experience as an operations specialist preferably in a business focused on supply chains and logistics.
Project management and leadership experience with a demonstrated history of successful implementation
Strong leadership and team management skills.
Excellent problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
Knowledge of industry-specific regulations and best practices.
Proficiency in using relevant software and tools for data analysis and reporting.

Plan a strong strategic document and implementation plan, providing strategic guidance to the operations team. Collaborate effectively with other departments, including Development, Sales, and Marketing, ensuring seamless coordination for overall business success.
Develop and implement efficient operational policies and procedures to enhance workflow and productivity.
Oversee transportation, distribution, and supply chain operations, optimizing logistics for reduced lead times and improved delivery efficiency.
Analyse data to make data-driven decisions, address operational challenges, and provide recommendations for increased performance. Upon receiving approval, proceed with the implementation, and if necessary, be prepared to defend the proposed plan when required.
Provide guidance, coaching, and performance feedback to team members, ensuring alignment with organisational goals.
Collaborate with different departments to achieve optimal work production and smooth workflow.
Design and execute customer service strategies, ensuring high-quality standards and meeting customer expectations.
Implement and maintain quality control measures across operations.

Job Title2: Human Resources Manager

Required Qualification, Experience and skill
Education Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field. Master’s degree is a plus.
Proven experience in human resources management, talent acquisition and recruitment strategies.
Energetic and adaptable, with a preference for working in a startup environment.
In-depth knowledge of HR laws, regulations, and best practices.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Ability to customize and implement effective interviewing and selection techniques.
Familiarity with various Human Resources functions.
Excellent organizational and problem-solving abilities.

Collaborate with the management team to develop and implement effective recruitment strategies.
Source and attract top-tier candidates internally and externally to fulfill the staffing needs of our growing startup.
Work closely with project managers to understand staffing requirements, customize skill and testing criteria, and forecast future needs.
Conduct high-quality interviews and selection processes to identify the best talent for various roles within the company.
Assist in various Human Resources duties as needed, contributing to the overall success of the HR function.
Oversee the onboarding process for new employees.
Foster positive employee relations through effective communication and conflict resolution.
Address employee concerns and provide guidance on HR policies and procedures.
Provide guidance to managers on performance improvement and development plans.
Identify training and development needs and coordinate relevant programs to enhance employee skills and knowledge.
Develop and update HR policies in line with legal requirements and industry best practices.
Work place: Addis Ababa
Application Deadline :Feb15, 2024

How to Apply
Interested and Qualified applicants can apply through : https://bit.ly/HR_chipchip.

👉Telegram: https://t.me/hakoljobsofficial
👉Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hakoljobs